I have received tons and tons of complaints saying: "What happened to your homepage?". I was getting seriously ticked off, because I just started Middle School at the time, and I just needed to take a breather. That "breather" turned into a very long period of time, and my homepage became "forgotten" to me. I started getting on the internet once again to find cheats for my Nintendo, and I found that i was actually missed by some people. I finally decided to get more envolved online, so I started helping MegaManXTreme with his new MultimediaFusion game: MegaMan Power. I now try to get on every weekday at 5, and weekends the first possible moment. I hope you are glad to have me back, and I hope you enjoy my NEW AND IMPROVED HOMEPAGE! I'm going to try to work harder to make this page better then ever (if I can remember my password)! It is now RE - OPENED to the public, but I am still working on it like mad...


ENTER: "Fanewgie: The MegaMan HomePage"

DOWNLOAD: "Fanewgie's Theme"

Still available: The Award Page!