Mochi The Pug

Woof Welcome to my dog's life, which I'm happy to say is a very good one. I get to eat, sleep, and play all day. This is me with my Teddy. Teddy is my favorite play thing after my Mom and Dad. I chew and drag Teddy all through the house. Mom has already had to sew up Teddy's head once where I pulled the stuffing out.

This is my Dad holding me when I weighed just 3 pounds and I was only 6 weeks old! My Mom is holding me in back of our house near the lake.

I am very busy now attending puppy school so my Web page is very much still under construction. I plan to have links to my Mom and Dad's page and other Dog-e-links. Other pug homepages can be found here. Thanks for visiting with me.

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