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Hello there! Welcome to the CFS Notebook-a compilation of information about CFS, as well as articles written by people with CFS. Because this page is maintained by a PWC (person with CFS) in Michigan, it also contains information about Michigan Support Groups. More stuff will be moved in here periodically about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a serious and complex illness that affects many different body systems. It is characterized by disabling fatigue, problems with concentration and memory, flu-like symptoms, pain in the joints and muscles, sleep disorders and many other symptoms. CFS can be severely debilitating and can last for many years. The cause of the illness is not yet known and treatment, aimed at symptom relief, differs from patient to patient.

CFS strikes women, men and children of all ages, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Recent studies show that at least 500,000 US adults have CFS, making it one of the most common chronic illnesses of our time. For example, it affects at least twice as many people as multiple sclerosis (MS).

Persons with CFS often struggle with a lack of understanding about their illness from friends, family and healthcare professionals. The unpredictable course of the illness and its harmless sounding name add to the difficulties of coping with CFS.


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