DOP - Druzhinas for nature conservation Mvmnt

DOP (Druzhinas for Nature Preservation Movement)

is a non-profit youth organization which unites Druzhinas (squads) for Nature Protection from the countries of the former Soviet Union: Russia, Ukrain, Belorussia, Litva and Kazakhstan. In appeared in the 60-s as a students' movement for nature protection. At that time only specialists attempted to warn the society about the coming environmental danger. Now, same as then, the humanity keeps moving towards the catastrophy, and it is not known whether we are to survive after it.

The DOP Movement has always been and stays the movement for protection of the living nature. The forms and directions of its activities differ, but most of them are specialized practical environmental jobs. Some of our current programs are the following:

and many others.

The larger part of the movement are biology students and natural scientists; we stand for professionalism in the solvation of the natural preservation problems. However, we also participate in the mass environmental campaigns.

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