Tárjetas telefónicas de la República Argentina

Welcome to my personal page. In this page You will find all the information that wish with respect to telephonic cards issued in the Argentine Republic.

I am collector of telephonic cards of all the world. I invite to all those collectors to visit the present home page, wait that could find interest data.

My name is Emilio G. Dato. Commentaries and suggestions send to


Your Are the Visit

This page is in construction from 10/10/97

Telephonic Companies Information.

List of Argentine phonecards. (Text & small graphics).


My list of swap.

My Collection.

List of Country and wanted.

Argentine in the World

Other links.

[Telephonic Companies Information] [Argentine phonecard graphics] [Swappers] [My list of swap] [My Collection] [List of Country and wanted] [Argentine in the Wolrd] [Other links]

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