Mountain Dew Rules!

Beverage Amount of Caffeine (mg)
Jolt 100.0
Mountain Dew 55.0
Diet Mountain Dew 55.0
Mello Yellow 52.8
SURGE 49.6
Coke 45.6
Diet Coke 45.6
Mr. Pibb 40.8
OK Soda 40.5
Dr. Pepper 39.6
Pepsi 37.2
In case you haven't heard, Mountain Dew is the best drink. It has an excellent taste, as well as high levels of caffeine to keep you awake. The color is similar to the background of this page.

The average caffeine pill has 100mg of caffeine. As you can see by the chart, two 12oz. cans of Mountain Dew have more caffeine than most caffeine pills. Dew also tastes much better. Would you rather drink a pop or take a pill?

Mountain Dew is made and packaged by Pepsi-Cola Bottling Corp.

Mountain Dew is the favorite pop of many people. It is sold in many pop machines. If your local pop machine does not have Mountain Dew, you should immediately contact the person in charge of the selection, and urge them to supply you with Dew.

I would have to say the age group that drinks the most dew is teenagers and college kids. Of cource, they have the best reason, and like the sweet taste. In my opinion, if you need to stay up late, Dew is the best way.