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Hello and welcome to all!

This award-winning site has almost 700 internal pages and growing with an unusually large number of links It will entertain, help, educate and enlighten you as well as show my adoration for females of all shapes and sizes.

The 350+ Links, my articles and poetry plus those from others, as well as many fashion and health tips and resources are for the support, understanding and entertainment of the entire GLBT community, especially those Transgendered and the "Significant Other"! is the ONLY site on the Internet that combines so many different features, providing a broad palette and breath to the subject of women and Transgender to ANY visitor.

In this site, there are these key sections and features:

Pictorials of Genetic Women, Women as Art, general Feminine Art, Vintage Women's Fashions, Girl Pin-ups, Transsexual Women, Fashion Dolls, Animations, and a Photo Album of myself. There are the sections, Song Lyrics and Help which provides assistance and support to Cross dressers, the Significant Other, as well as Transsexuals, Dear Jenelle and Makeup Advice and Technique for everyone, Transsexual Advice, Lesbian/Bi-sexual/Gay/Transgender Support, general Gender Politics and TG politics. For interaction, there are the seven Surveys, a Discussion Forum, Emails 1998 to 2004 and Emails 2005, Feedback, Guestbook's 1, 2, 3, and 4, and a free PersonalsSite Search in addition to Google Search, Contributions such as Visitors Stories, Visitors Diaries, Visitors Out in Public and Visitors Poetry as well as my own Poetry. There are also my Bio and About sections (details about you, me and this web site), my Product Reviews, Awards, Listings and Web Rings and Recipes. In addition, there are general Links and Commercial Links.  All of the above and much more is available by clicking the links highlighted, below thru the graphical buttons, the Table of Contents and the more detailed Inside Guide.

Venus, the Goddess of Beauty Halloween pix and more from Jenelle Rose inside!


This lists just sampling of what you will find on the main web site!


About:  Me, you and the web site. More Bio info and site stats.

Recipes:  Casseroles, meatloaf, coffee, Christmas dinner, check them out!


Exploring and understanding the sometimes confusing world of health, beauty and cosmetics with information, details and technique on the latest in make-up. You will come away with insight whether you are a you are a beginner or an everyday user of make-up. There are some also rather advanced techniques as well, including in-depth how-to's on makeup featuring both female and male to female techniques, beauty tips and quick tips by Jenelle Rose. These pages show how to better buy and apply make up, remove it and put together a nicer style, to put together a better you!

Reviews: Product reviews and recommendations (more tips, technique and advice).


Cartoons, Fashion Dolls, Paintings, Poetry by Jenelle Rose, Pinups, Vintage Women's Fashion, Women As Art, more.


Out In Public, Stories, Interviews, Visitors' Diary.

Genetic Girls

A pictorial.


These pages are for males, females, cross dressers, transsexuals; girls who want help in anyway.

Coming out to your SO, Dear Jenelle ("Dear Abby"-type advice column, From The S.O.'s, Health, Beauty Tips and Quick Tips by Jenelle, Diet Advice, Happiness, working out.

Lesbians / GLBT,

Make Up Getting the look in 10, Rants And Raves by Jenelle Rose, Reviews of products by Jenelle Rose, Tips for Men,

Transsexuals: Transgender History, Advice on Electrolysis, Breast Implants, Effects of Estrogen Treatment, The Elodie Gossuin Affair -Miss France 2001, Estrogen Therapy, Hormone Therapy for M2F FAQ, Fascinating Facts About Testosterone, Estrogen, HRT: Promises and Pitfalls, Intersex,  New Techniques Help Males Speak Like Women, Standards of Care, TS Biology Through the Gender Labyrinth, Torment of Sex Changed Soldier Trapped in a Woman's Body, Transsexual News Archive, Transsexual Surgery, Transsexuals Pictorial,

Traveling: Bars and Night Clubs, Drag Shows.

Feedback / Interactive

Leave messages, feedback form, personals, seven surveys.

Discussion / Message Board: On-line, on-site discussion forum.

E-mails, health or advisory tips, getting a feminine figure.


Explore 350+ and counting! Featuring fashion, health tips and resources, links to Commercial sites separate.



Repressed Women, Beauty Without Cruelty, Civil Rights, Cross dresser Workplace Issues, Declaration of Gender Liberty, GLBT Rights, Job Discrimination, Is Looking Pretty the New Taboo? Women are finding a new uniform for work, Remembering Our Dead, Transgender Death Statistics, Kidnapped Women, Understanding Transsexualism, Why women are still waiting to wear the pants at work, Why skirts still have the edge at work, Women of High Tech


New pix added all the time! View recent pictures of me through a well designed Photo Album, Animations and Pinup art, etc..

Site Index Gateway

Complete listing of all internal pages within the site.

Song Lyrics

Inspired cross dressing or women-oriented pieces.

Womanhood Gateway

More and More Gender Roles Are Explored from a Child's Perspective, Berdache Tradition, Breast Implants, Many women look at themselves in the mirror and wish for a more feminine figure, COGIATI: gender identity and transsexuality inventory test, Gender Switch Teaches Empathy, Hair is on Woman's Minds, Heart and Soles, Here S/He Is, High Cost of Babe Hood, High-tech defense, I want my shirt back, Latest Trend in Underwear, Lifting the ‘curse’ One day in the Garden of Eden, Protect yourself, WHY IT'S GREAT TO BE A WOMAN, Why Women Are Bored In Bed, Women Dress for Other Women, Womanhood E-mails


The web site is an ongoing project, with an honest intent, for all people to peruse. 

Your comments are welcomed.

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